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Why is LHL giving free lunches to FTs while SGs go hungry?

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Why is LHL giving free lunches to FTs while SGs go hungry?

Post by Darkmen on Sat Aug 31, 2013 2:18 pm

[Comment first appeared in [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]in reply to writer of the letter]

PM Lee

First of all I appreciate your frankness. But what you wrote betrayed your selfishness and duplicity:

1) You said “We are also sacrificing for Singapore” and you “help build our economy”. From these it shows that you consider yourself doing Singapore a big favour by working here.

2) You said “My wife and I will prefer to remain as PRs because we have a sense of pride being citizens of our country”. This shows that you are patriotic to your country and will eventually return after you have maximised your economic gain in Singapore. Since your intention in Singapore is PURELY MERCENARY, isn’t it right for Singapore to pay you in kind? The Singapore government’s job is to be patriotic to its citizens, and I am glad that it has finally woken up and is starting to place priority on its own Singaporeans. Albeit too little, too late.

3) You said that your son is studying in a local school. Which means that he is benefiting from Singapore subsidised world class education that he will not be able to get in Philippines.
Then you said that you leave it to him “to decide what he wants to be when the time comes” which means that as his parent you are not going to teach him gratitude and loyalty and have no intention for him to serve NS to protect Singapore so that future generations of Singaporeans & PRs can continue to benefit form this world class education. IN SHORT, YOU WANT TO EAT A FULL MEAL AND LEAVE WITHOUT PAYING!

Now the free meal is not enough, you are also asking for free room. Do you not detect duplicity in your character?

LKY once said “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. Why is his son LHL giving free lunches to foreigners WHILE LOCAL SINGAPOREANS GO HUNGRY?

Free lunch for FTs!!!
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