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Imagine a life without the PAP

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Imagine a life without the PAP Empty Imagine a life without the PAP

Post by Darkmen Sun Sep 22, 2013 4:49 am

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Throughout history, we have seen capable and well brought-up leaders fall from grace because the very premise in which they gained power from no longer holds. The Earl of Somerset, Edward Seymour, was one such person: Even with the backing of powerful 2 kings, his arrogance and disconnect from people forced him out of power in less than a few years and he was eventually executed.

I remember growing up in the late 90s to early millennium and we had none of the absurd problems we face today: no MRT breakdowns, truly affordable housing even with a $1500 income, lack of over-population and no nonsense from multi-millionaire ministers. Given this disconnect and incompetence, it’s probably fair to say that the PAP’s time is up. Let’s imagine the beauty of an alternative life Smile

Looking at things from a broad perspective, can a tiny island of 700 square kilometres accommodate that many people? The SDP has proposed that we actually reduce the number of foreigners each year even as the PAP blindly suggested an increase to 6.9 million. Reducing foreigners would mean that enterprises relying on cheap foreign labour have no incentive to increase their productivity while they are allowed to survive. Reducing foreign labour would make our economy more dynamic and competitive with the survival of the most efficient; locals get their share of the benefits too.

With more opposition in Parliament, Singaporeans would be more aware of the truth. We didn’t need to be so shocked when we found out (from the WP) that the PAP government was spending $180,000 a year on foreign scholars. We didn’t need to be so shocked to find out that 3 ex-PAP MPs had set-up a $2 company to manage the IT systems of our town councils. And with more opposition parties, Mr. Chiam would have more power to push for concern calls about HDB supply and not let some dis-grace-fu minister’s nonsense reply affect our lives.

The WP has proposed that public transport be nationalised. The amount spent on maintenance per mile on train tracks in Singapore is one of the lowest in the world, while SMRT and SBS made a combined profit of close to $140 million in 2012. If we didn’t have that ugly woman who was so profit driven (while getting million dollar salaries), then we wouldn’t have to endure this inefficiency today. With this, we wouldn’t be at the mercy of the fare review council to raise our fares year after year.

NS sticks out like a sore thumb even though it provides many lessons because of the social inequality (vis-a-vis foreign trash) it brings. Furthermore, the fact that the geopolitical threat Singapore faces is not substantial and it clearly does not warrant a 2-year term except for the rigid thinking of an old F@%#. All these talk about rewarding NSmen is pure bullshit with former generals as ministers who think nothing of our NS corporals. NSP has called for the reduction of NS duration and this may be a worthwhile policy.

The message is clear. No matter what, the PAP has breached its social contract with the people and the quality of the opposition parties in Singapore is only increasing. We are not allowed to say anything since people without authority should not take on those in authority as ‘equals’ in the very words of former Foreign Minister George Yeo. Like him, we will vote the PAP out!

Joseph Kheng-Liang Tan

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