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Speaking Up on Matters that Matter!

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Speaking Up on Matters that Matter!

Post by Darkmen on Sun Aug 25, 2013 3:18 pm

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Our Dear Leader, on the last leg of a dear journey, has repeatedly warned that ours is a country with limited resources and any mistake we make can be a dear experience resulting in us being finished in four or five years.

Switzerland is his favourite country cited for comparison whenever this point is forgotten or there is a need to explain why we can’t afford to provide for a social welfare society because we need all the money we can extract from the people to pay for billion dollar purchases of military hardware most of which will never land in Singapore but parked overseas.

The Swiss model is such a hit his successor boasted he will provide us with the same high standard of living as them. The good news – from the ruling party’s perspective – is that he succeeded in giving us the same Swiss high cost of living. The bad news – from the people’s perspective – is we are as close to achieving the Swiss standard of living as the promiser is as likely to donate the bulk of his estate to charity upon his final exit from this earthly world.

There are only four prime ministers post Second World War and three are from the ruling party. The first spent all his time acquiring personal wealth but refrained from making comments on global affairs. After him came prime ministers with ego as big as the leaders of superpower nations and tinpot dictators from some far flung banana republics.

All of them have something to say about everything. This necessarily provokes people and lead to unintended consequences.

For the superpower they can show their middle finger at unhappy provokees. For tinpot dictators it is their bread and butter to look and sound bigger than they actually are since they have nothing else to show for results. For us we have such big-mouth leaders trying to act smart on the world stage provoking everyone around us every now and then and making life difficult for the ordinary citizens.

We should stay neutral absolutely and not interfere in other country’s affair. We shouldn’t be sending soldiers to fight in a foreign war and bringing home that war to us one day in the future. We shouldn’t be commenting on matters beyond our comprehension and beyond resolution by any parties.

In short we should know our place and be humble and neutral in all instances of global matters that is none of our concern. I just wish our prime minister would shut up and stick to spending more time governing Singapore instead of thinking about world affairs beyond anyone’s comprehension. He should be spending more time in parliament instead of abandoning it altogether in the second half of the year.

On the same note of speaking on matters that matter I wish the Opposition would look up the dictionary for the meaning of the word “prorogue” and stop being silently happy the prime minister meant he is now adopting a conciliatory position with rogue Opposition parties.

Speak up on what matters and shut up on none of our business!

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