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Post by Darkmen on Mon Sep 16, 2013 1:05 am

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The PAP is unrepentant. To no one’s surprise at all. Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally speech about building the fancy Project Jewel to accommodate more foreign visitors is the red carpet for the 6.9 million figure that he will clearly go ahead with. Despite the tirade of grievances caused from the influx of foreigners, the PAP remains unfazed. They see no incentive listening to ordinary non-elites and they have enough buffer votes to lose even if they roll out their GDP-crazed master plan. From attending protests to slamming the PAP in every opportunity available, Singaporeans from all walks of life have tried every legal mean to prevent the 6.9 million disaster that will deprive Singaporeans of their livelihood. Here is a list of methods that will catch the PAP’s attention:

1) Be Grumpy Cat

Stop sharing and let sarcasm manifest your soul. Research has found that a sarcasm is a sign of a healthy brain and aside from making good jokes, sarcasm makes very good points too. The authoritarian PAP have a well-oiled machinery of propaganda and a contingent of empty vessels like Lim Swee Say, Tin Pei Ling, Gan Thiam Poh and Grace Fu that your untapped sarcastic talent can start with. You will never run out of jokes when you see them rewarding themselves million dollar salaries and accolades, or hear them speaking about how caring the PAP really is. The facebook pages of Straits Times, Today and CNA will be your playground. Have fun.

2) Anti-campaign behavior

Note this is anti-campaign, not anti-social. There is a difference. Campaigns influences perceptions and it works simply by that if you do not think, lets say, overcrowding, is a problem, there will be no overcrowding problem. The PAP’s solution to flooding, overcrowding, influx of foreigners, rising inflation, low purchasing power has always been about effective campaigning through their mainstream media. These problems are festering because the PAP does not have a solution, as such, their only way out is to change the people’s perception through effective campaigning. Being anti-campaign is a form of disobedience. The idea here is very simple, there are no rules when nobody obeys. Why move in to the bus or train to alleviate overcrowding? Sorry to those who couldn’t get into the trains and buses, they must be made aware that overcrowding is a serious issue the PAP must address through constructive policy changes and not one that can be solved through silly courtesy campaigns. Do not return your trays in foodcourts and continue booking your seats with tissue packs. Why share your table? Let the people wait – they are still waiting anyway even if you share your table. If finding a seat during lunch hours is hard, make it impossible. Why stop complaining when your standards are not met? Complain, our men served NS to earn you the privilege to complain and expect quality, it is our birth right. When the campaigns stopped working, the PAP will be cornered into making real policy changes.

3) Spreading the word of mouth

Do not be afraid to let your foreigner friends know that they are depressing salaries and they are not serving National Service. The anger should of course not be directed at them but they must know the facts. Nothing personal. It isn’t right of them to spread unfounded rumors of how splendid Singapore is. New citizens and Permanent Residents should not be spared either. Most of them are ardent PAP supporters because they are the sole beneficiaries milking the system. Do not be mistaken they are patriotic, because they will show how patriotic they really are when you tell them to serve NS. And for pro-PAP Singaporeans, contest their every view even if it means souring the relationship. Throw sarcasm at these idiots because they are the ones who put PAP in power. And if you need help debating with the hardcore PAP supporters, approach The Real Singapore, it is our bread and butter.

4) Vote Opposition

Disliking the Opposition is the worst reason to vote the PAP. Like GE2011 Ang Mo Kio GRC, the Opposition team is a sampan compared to Lee Hsien Loong’s titanic. They have no credibility, they are not high-fliers, their speeches are terrible, their party is a mess, they have no finances, no ground work, no charisma and the team is probably the weakest in history, but that doesn’t stop close to 50,000 or 30% of the Ang Mo Kio voters from casting their protest votes against the PAP. The only way to make the PAP listen is to make them suffer electoral defeats. GE2011 is obviously not painful enough for them otherwise they wouldn’t have come out with the 6.9 million population master plan.


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