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Post by Darkmen on Thu Sep 12, 2013 1:22 pm

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Are the Sinkies still in a stupor? The temperature is near boiling point and they are not noticing it, still happy like hell. After reading the few latest postings on the sum of premiums NTUC is charging and the near to 40% increases annually, with the sum hitting $4000, this is no longer a laughing matter any more. The complainants did not reveal their age but they are likely to be around 50 or 60 to be slammed with such high premiums. I cannot imagine what the premiums for Medishield Life will be like for those in their 70s, 80s and above. Do people really expect someone to be buying medical insurance at 90 or 100 years old?

All you senior citizens out there, if your faculties are still functioning and thinking, and not in a state of dementia, you are in deep deep trouble should Medishield Life be made compulsory. At the rate things are going, if the current premiums and rate of increases are what things are likely to be, you would soon be on your knees begging for mercy, for having nothing left in your savings to pay the robbers. When people are going after your coffin money without giving you a chance to say no, ‘NO, Don’t you dare touch my money,’ you need not be polite to them anymore. Robbers are robbers in any guise.

The Medishield Life is going to be like another Population White Paper that will be shafted down the people’s throat. There can be no resistance from the oldies. Any attempt to fight back is futile. If you want to kpkb, better make it now, and loud and clear, to frighten away the monkeys. By keeping quiet, you are only encouraging them to plan to finish off your savings. You are as guilty as them for emboldening them to do as they pleased.

All the oldies, and going to be oldies, this includes every young person, it is your money at stake. They are coming after your money, the last few dollars you hope to last till your last breath. No, they will finish it before you conk off…. unless you stand up on your feeble feet, wave your feeble hands to tell them you mean business.

It is a very wicked thought to think of making oldies that are out of jobs to pay for a hefty medical insurance that they did not want and have no right of refusal. Who the hell do they think they are? Robbers? Bandits? Pirates? And they are so ruthless that they would not spare the oldies and would not let them live in peace.

Whoever that is working on this scheme, if you are really kind and caring, leave the oldies’ money out of your scheme of things. The oldies cannot afford it. Any design on the oldies’ money only reveals the true intent of your scheme. You can’t be so desperate to even think of robbing the oldies of their last few dollars in their last few years of existence? (I stand corrected if the premiums will be foot by the govt). Please don’t tell the oldies it will be affordable. To the oldies that have no income, everything is unaffordable. I know there are exceptions, with some oldies drawing pensions that could make them millionaires every year.

Would the oldies dare to make their last stand, I mean just standing? Or the legs are too weak and feeble, and the knees are wobbling? Or the mind is gone and they are not able to protect their own interests anymore and are at the mercy of cunning robbers?

Heaven have eyes.

Chua Chin Leng
*The writer blogs at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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