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Post by Darkmen on Mon Sep 09, 2013 3:41 pm

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The Singapore Armed Force (SAF) and the National University of Singapore (NUS) are offering NUS-enrolled NSFs academic modules during their 2 years conscription service. At a pricey cost of $746 per module, NSFs will be able to study and clear modules before they become matriculated after Operational Ready Date(ORD). Unfortunately, this well-intended policy is a disaster-in-disguise as it threatens an equitable and meritocratic society the PAP pretended Singapore to be. Here’s why:

1) NUS ripping NSFs off?

Each module costs $746, however, through a proportionate calculation, each 3 credit module actually costs about $450*. How much is the NUS profiting out of NSFs then?

2) Widening inequality
It is not understood why are NSFs not allowed to clear these modules and pay the university fees later. On a $450 paycheck, NSFs are already living from hand to mouth in the most expensive city in world [Source]. How many of them could afford half a module with the slave wage they are drawing? Isn’t this clear enough, that the NUS and SAF is advocating inequality by pricing poorer NSFs out and giving the sons of rich families the academic head start? Like the PAP MPs and Ministers drawing a million dollar salaries, the high income households would have no problem forking out loose change in the forms of thousands, but what about the sons of the taxi drivers and office executives?

3) NS-evasion for the white horse in disguise?

While most of the unfortunate average Singaporean son arch their back digging trenches and risk their lives in training, the elite NUS student-to-be will be having their classes somewhere out of camp in the comfort of air con, fried food and girls(of course). As classes will be on a weekly basis, it is understood the SAF will be excusing the NUS elites or practice selective postings. Will NUS elites be deliberately sent to non-combat units so they can continue their classes?

From weeks-long outfield to months-long overseas postings, will the SAF bend their selection process who not to post just because there are the selected few who needs to attend lessons and exams? How would this be Meritocracy, when some are receiving special treatments under schemes specially reserved for them?

When you shall not study if you are poor, could the PAP remind us what are we defending again?

*160 modules at an average of 3 credit units per module at a course fee of $18,000[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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