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Post by Darkmen on Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:22 pm

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The reason why we need foreigners is because the salary offered is way too low and no Singaporeans would want to take up the job so they turn to foreigners especially those from poorer countries.

These foreigners are willing to work because of the currency exchange, for us we need to find a high paying job because we live here.

A very simple test: try offering $3500 for a construction worker and we shall see if we still need foreigners, not Singaporeans cannot take hard work.

We can of course but provided we are compensated with the right kind of money, you can’t expect people to do hard work and expect us to be paid like maybe $1.5k or $1.6k.

With the right guidance and proper training I can tell you anyone also can take up the position unless we are talking about some CEO positions or what.

All these what talents are bullshits seriously, the government is ganging up with the employers to exploit the people.

As a government you should step in and protect your people, in such high cost of living environment how can anyone have a comfortable life when he/she is being paid less than $4k per month?

Of course people won’t die even though they are underpaid but allowing employers to underpay your people, is it the right thing to do as a government while you people pay yourselves big fat salaries?

Yes it is true that in our society many people are jealous, envious and angry but we can’t blame them.

Who doesn’t wish to drive a car, who doesn’t wish to live in a bigger apartment, all these are very basic things which people want to pursue.

But with such depressed and stagnant wages it is impossible for people to pursue all these things while your elites and foreigners are living in luxury condo or landed zooming around in their bmw, merc or even lambo.

People see liao of course fed up what, I work until I die also cannot have half of what these people have.

Young people nowadays don’t want to work aimlessly like a farm cow, just to pay the cpf, pay loans, pay bills and eat only.

People want a salary that allows them to pursue their needs and wants as well, who want to work until 60 years rather than never ever own a car before, still living in a 3 room flat or never even travel to exciting places before huh.

Ah Long

* Comment first appeared in: S’poreans who avoid low-paying jobs are just rational

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