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Wah piang! PRC tissue auntie also have!

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Wah piang! PRC tissue auntie also have!

Post by Darkmen on Fri Aug 30, 2013 1:43 am

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Was walking along Geylang near Lorong 33 a few hours ago to look for dinner.
An old lady suddenly appeared behind me to ask me to buy tissues from her. At first I did not clearly hear her talking to me but I could see that she is obviously peddling tissues. Thinking that she is one of our own people, I had no hesitation to buy tissues from her for $1.00. After the exchange, she thanked me. To my surprise, she spoke in PRC Chinese.

While having dinner, another old lady approached me to buy some tissues from her. As I had already bought, I politely told her that I had bought from another across the street. This same lady told me that the other lady is a PRC.

I have no qualms in helping anyone who is in need. My point here is, how come WE, in Singapore, have PRCs here walking the streets begging for money, peddling tissues or collecting newspapers? What the hell is the minister in charge together with the Pee M doing? Sleeping on the job? Are they not supposed to be stringent in their selection in allowing foreigners into Sg? Is this what the bloody MIWs call Foreign Talents? This IS the kind of quality people the MIWs allow onto the shores of Sg to work?

2016, is the year WE Singaporeans have to vote for change. A change to a Government who believes that Singaporeans come first. PAP IS NO LONGER CREDIBLE. THEY have to go.

The 60.1% who voted for PAP, are you listening? You were not voting for the security of yourself nor your children and your children’s children. It’s time to take back our country. If you love your country, then you have to love your country intelligently, not blindly. Loving your country is one thing, loving your country intelligently is another. 6.9 Million population is NOT the answer to solving Singapore’s problems.
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